Thursday, June 13, 2019

100 curious thing for a setting.

As your genial host let me welcome to lovely "insert place holder name" world. It is a wonderful place to have a vacation during this part of the aeon. As you can clearly see one of its most noteworthy features is its various lakes of water that hover at various altitudes above the moisture poor surface below. But don`t let that fool you. Don`t believe me? Ask the lovely square assistant below.

Lists provided with the help of cheep internet labour (read as free and non coerced for legal reasons) with gentle prodding of Samwise Seven RPG, contractor for Keeper of Gates travelling agency. No refunds. You get what you rolled!


  1. This tool is pretty useful for when I run out of ideas. Thank you.

    1. Hope you find it useful. I mostly just compiled it into a single place. Most of the cool shit was done by other people. If you are interested, there are few more such lists still being built.