Friday, May 22, 2020

Gamma World 12`000 AD

My 20 answers to scraps questions 

1. Yes, yes there are, many different types of them. You can play one as mutant animal, you can get one as a mount, no you probably cant start with one unless its stolen or you are one. There may or may not be weaponized handheld squids Pirates of Dark Water style.

2. No undead robots.Stray souls are probably just ghosts, and yes there may be weaponized ghosts.

3. Huh, I did have crawling iceberg mechs slowly terraforming streaks of the world in old numenera game. I like those. Iceberg that walks is probably fancy superscience robot. Those may be playable.

4. About as much as a human if they are mutant animals. Oterwise they are wise in the birb ways.

5. Abstracted medikits and herbal remedies - and pull stuff out of my ass when needed. Generally closer to real or medieval alchemy. Organs giving new powers? Hell yes, you want wetware or cyberware ones?

6. I dont like halflings(cant ever find a good place for them), someone may want to play halflings. Playable insects are more man-sized. Bug spells are cool tho - there may be a brain parisite spell for those weirdos.

7. Disembodied inteligences are thing, some would love to become bodied inteligences, some may ask for a permission beforehand.

8. level 2, Im willing to listen to complaints and suggestions after a while. No, you may not GM while im gone.

9. If there is a market for something, there might be a seller. Lots of stuff are made on order. Dont expect dumb stuff stocked in your local store.

10. 3, thats teh lowest charisma goes :| 
Walking fish are mutant animals. go ahead . Personal preference for needing reverse scuba tech.

11. All of them depending on use. There are few places that can manage industrial quantities of the stuff. Like Vampire oil barons of Titan (the one orbiting Szaturn)

12. Solay system 12`000 AD (after gamma, after the big oopsies in 199x, but not our 199x, but that cool 80s anime 199x). Looks like our reality, smells like our reality but there are Ravenloft on Titan. Magic and DnDisms did pop up sometime in the next few milenia. There are elves on venus. Dwarves on some backwater mining moon. 


13.  mutant crabs are fine in all shapes and sizes. probably on earth only. but you can export them to other planets if you get a big enough ship.

14. Do declining Vampire Nobility Count? Yeah they do. Wizards, vampires(few that are left) or warlords mostly are folks in charge. Various factions struggling for power organized around powerful figures.

15a. NO. Im not putting up people pretending to be schizophrenic again. 

15b. Yes, someone can scoop out your brain, stick it in a jar until they find you a new body.

16. Mercury. One of the last vampire strongholds.

17. Sure, minor additions are fine. Mayor ones are rumors and may not be entirely true.  Look up insect wizards before. Rest is no ... getting to weird.

18.  If there is antimatter, there might as well be antifire - and no its not stable in this universe.

19. Find yourself a buyer and well talk the terms.  Giant robot counts as a siege engine? Yes they do. Those may be playable, might not fit in tight spaces.

20. Not sure where the  starting place is yet. Different needs for local economies. Food, oxygen, some other byproduct. Something more funky is possible. 
....uhhh. Dryad corpses?

I blame Vampire Hunter D 1985 for this!

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