Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ultans Door s2, Never eat a silver fruit.

We ran our second session for Ultan`s Door earlier this day. I dont think I had a session run me out of juice that fast in a while. Got home and went for a nap immediately.

For this game we had :
  • Thief
  • Cleric(different then last one)
  • Halfling
  • Dwarf (Could not make it today)
  • Elf
along with some hirelings and retainers
  • 3 Dwarven Mercenaries (also different from last time)
  • George E. Burney- a 2nd level fighter in charge of the dwarves
  • The Falcon guy everyone forgets about.

Part I

Shrines and basements.

This time there was no mucking about. Off to the pub to pick up 2 new characters Cleric and Elf, find replacements for the 3 dead dwarves. Do a sleepover in safe house from before, this time tho with the help of new shiny elven eyes they find  secret room, apparently a long forgotten shrine of Garnax, which some thieves has adopted as sort of a patron. There are few offerings at the feet of the shrine, but non of the party dare take them, on the opposite, players put some minor offerings of their own. First one was an apple from elf, a most iconic target of all street urchins. A simple sermon from cleric. Thief bothers to steal some coins and a curio (there was contingently no need to figure out what it was, since player said that it goes straight to the altar, also I could not find my whats inside someones pocket sheet). All is deemed as a worthy offerings. Halflings offering of a dead dwarfs armor was not. They still did not put shrine and visions together tho. They specify that they store the all the looted gear in safe house after handing out some to the new chars. After this short intro, they get their new meatshields pay Ultans fee (still 10GP) and head into straight into the dungeon. After the last time Ultan has hired some extra security.

Part II

Dungeoneering happens 

After figuring out that their goal for this session is to find locations that Sholtromo indicated contains knowledge, they head to large inverted tower(2), last room they explored in the indicated direction. Checking next room(3) they see no danger and proceed to loot it,finding a lock box containing incense way past its expiry date and a fancy beaked half-mask, black with silvery floral patterns. Grab some dusty old music instruments still in good shape among all the clutter. Take note of the red path built into road leading in both unexplored directions, sewage smell from one direction. They decide to head that way. Progressing slowly along the corridor(4)checking for traps, they loot some decorative glass panes from candle alcoves. At the end of the hallway is large room with 2 visible exits. One is a ceremonial dock, marked by the red path, Second is way to sever docks(25). Conveniently they decide this is the time to check for secret traps, lo and behold there a third door, leading further into the dungeon. They have managed to find the arsenal, among the rotten shelves there are still some useful equipment here for a whopping 1100GP! Finding the second secret entrance to arsenal they push on finding that next room(22) is overgrown with roots.

Part III

Rotten Library and Silver Grove( Legal Forest?)

Party finally reached their goal, an old ruined library, which the entrance to was overgrown, so halfling was sent in scouting ahead and no one else really wanted to crawl first. Turns out they had no reason to worry (because my encounter dice still came up empty) What they found was triangle like room with what used to have two small side rooms, now almost completely overgrown by roots and a massive tree bursting out of one of the side rooms and burrowing thru ceilings into a a different cavern slightly above. In the middle of all of this is a toppled altar, a mouldy old tome containing baroque and draconian Zyanian Legal Code, now mostly ruined save two clerical spells not seen before - Testify and Chain of Evidence. All the ink of the magical writing has leaked out and seeped into the ground, leading to the forest above long time ago and a small puddle of silvery ink. Dumping contents off an oil flask and taking samples of the silvery puddle.  They scramble up the hollow tree party finds themselves in a cavern, larger than they had seen before 50m wide and roughly 3 times tall. All the silvery trees here are branches of the larger tree below.  Off in the distance party hears munching sounds of  someone or something eating. Crossbows are drawn, swords are readied and sound approached. The party had stumbled into the lair of mighty Antonius Alexander Agrippa  the tree headed swine. Almost ready to unleash righteous murderhobboery on the unsuspecting swine, halfling goes "excuse me?", promptly startling the poor sod, he was reading a book and did not notice the party approaching. Sensing no danger party decided to parley. Some information was had but most importantly some magical legal fruit were had and ink drank with total disregard for safety.

Most of the members of the party decide to partake the magical fruit, while contemplating the origin of the forest ( Most likely grew from ink below ) and realised that fruit grants knowlage of old Zyan Legal Codes and grants a +1 boost to intelligence. And then all the melons eaten hit the fan.

Best bits in no particular order

  • Players realised +1 int and start gobbling as much fruit as possible, eventually someone had the bright idea to start drinking magical ink as well. 
  • Elf One was the first to try drinking ink while initially abstaining from the fruit.Since this threw me off I did what every good DM should, made up shit as I went along. Thank the gods for Logans Miscast Tables. First thing that popped into my mind. Elf One promptly dissolves into a glob of silvery goo and turns into an insect swarm.
  • Party still does not realise its not "Get your super powers now " Table.
  • Thief Drinks hits the limit on fruit for corruption while not getting next int point.
  • Some one has the bright idea that extra heads and love for greek poetry is due to extensive magic diet Tripple A had.
  • Thief suffers no immediate effects but would suffer a doppelganger attack later when he would be alone. 
  • Thief decides to chug the rest of ink. Horrible headaches and his eye crawls out along with a red snake that offers to fulfil any wish.
  • Party careless starts throwing out wishes.Thief  a new eye. Done.(-1HP)
  • Thief wishes for a level. Done.(-1HP)
  •  Halfling wants 1000gp, from trees a 10000 silver leaves fall. Done(-1HP)
  • Thief wishes for the Elf One to be returned to human. Elf is now Human. Done.(-1HP)
  • Thief runs out of Hitpoints and dissolves into a swarm of snakes. 
  • While this was going on Elf One Human Now had reached a new miscast roll. She will soon become a reverse meat vending machine, in goes the meat out comes the coins, until. Boom!
  • Tripple A is horrified and reconsider eating any more fruit.
  • A new character is spawned from one of the seed pods, naked and in the middle of the dungeon. Meet Elf Two Still Elf. This makes a good origin for Silver Dryads idea I had for this place - Pod Persons.
  • Dwarves in unison refuse the offer of having a bite out of fruits.
  • Halfling takes the magical ring.
More or less that was it. Party explored the grove and finding out that one end merges into the Sewer River and other goes above the Theatre(aka location 26 before) along with some more abandoned guild apartments on the side. 

At this point we kinda did run out of steam. So party decided instead of finding the second way to forest as indicated by Sholtromo but decided to backtrack the way they came.At this point I rolled maybe 6 dice for every room they had to go by. Finally the encounter dice gives something. A spoor, while party was mucking about in the forest something has taken residence deeper in the arsenal leaving slime trail along the ceiling. Taking a quick sample, party decides to by pass the encounter and stealthily move on. No further incidents and they are out. Party settles on idea that they should put all their cash somewhere safely so a joint bank account is opened. Exact Details on that will be settled later. 

And that is where we left off for the night and most of us had a quick dash to public transport.

If anyone has the zine at home and was paying attention,they explored sections 3,4,24,23,22,21,26(21 and 26 heavily modified by me)
End of session tally
  • Thief
  • (1share)Cleric
  • (1share)Halfling is now a proper Froddo with magical ring and all.
  • (1share)Elf x2
  • (1/2share)George E. Burney 
  • (1/2share)3 Dwarf Mercenaries
  • (Falconguy- Everyone forgets about the falconguy
  • Fancy Mask from the lock box
  • some worthless musical instruments
  • 2 censors (2x30GP)
  • 4 glass panes (4x40)
  • 6 lacquered scale mails(6x100GP)
  • 8 shortbows(8x40GP)
  • 4 spears(4x10GP)
  • 6 scimitars(6x25GP)
  • 6 Books (6x20GP)
  • 6 Magical Legal Fruit(6x50GP)
  • Seeds of said magical Fruit
  • 1000GP worth of silver leaves.

  • No combat :(
  • Total XP from treasure 2750
XP per share 344

Additional notes.

Make some sort of handouts for all the extras,because we forget about them most of the time, and I want to offload some bookkeeping to players.

Now there are 2 new monsters on the encounter table red snakes and silver dryad.
I want to play triple A badly, since chances of me playing him are slim, I might stat him as a hireling.

Thief who died now has a doppelganger who had to kill the thief to become a real boy. Now he is disembodies entity who hunts snakes? 

Time to figure out if I want to use carousing rules or not since players managed to score a good haul.
Also how XP works for Clerics, donations for churches etc.

During downtime halfling wants to identify the ring.


  1. Encounter dice can make a session a breeze if the party happens not to go where there are keyed encounters. (Of course they can have the opposite effect too.) The Ruins of the Inquisitor’s Theater doesn’t have as many keyed encounters as it might, so this affect is amplified

    1. Yeah, the dice were surprisingly merciful. On the way back I think I rolled 7-8 dice total one for each room and still only got a spoor :D